7 hrs - Meat & Game

A Meaty day will include preparing and making starter and main course ideas such as authentic French style Terrines and Pates, making African rub marinades to spice up Chicken or Pork.  

Cook the perfect Hampshire steak with an indulgent potato terrine with truffle shavings and your own buttery yet zingy Béarnaise sauce.

Meat courses running between September and March will also include Game dishes such as Rabbit Pie, Venison Bourguignon and Pigeon Terrine.


Game is becoming increasingly abundant and affordable.  It is thought that the majority of people at the moment our scared to pick out a pheasant or rabbit in the butchers and never will until they have been taught how the basics of game work, and only then will they start to advance their skills.   

For more information regarding Game, please visit the following Game to Eat website www.gametoeat.co.uk


A full day will run from 9.30am until approximately 4.30pm.  You will prepare and cook around 6-8 different dishes including accompanying side dishes.  As well as tasting and trying the dishes throughout the day, you will sit down for lunch and dinner to experience your new found skills and an opportunity to talk about the day.


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